Stylish Casual Jackets for Men

Casual jackets for men are no longer an outfit for official events or special occasions. They are worn to attend various occasions in different styles. Gentlemen with good physique look very smart in the innumerable stylish casual jackets for men that are available at your favorite stores.

Features of Modern Casual Jackets for Men

Unlike the jackets of yesterday, casual jackets for men nowadays express a new idea. They are designed in such a way that they have certain informality and comfort while being very stylish and dignified in appearance. They command respect and authority when worn on duty while offering a comfortable feel on casual occasions. The jackets have a standard and formality that make them stand apart from other casual wears.

The uniqueness of casual jackets for men lies in the fact that they can be worn all year round. The materials used are lighter and thinner and are hence comfortable to wear. The various colors and styles and cuts make them more trendy and fit for all occasions. One can attend a formal dinner party as well as enjoy informal night outs at the clubs and concerts wearing these jackets.

Some Styles of Casual Jackets for Men

1. Leather casual jackets for men look very stylish and sophisticated. They are a part of every man’s wardrobe. Other types of jackets often worn are the flannel hooded jackets, fleece-lined hooded jackets for men, simple warm jackets, faux leather jackets, insulated tweed jackets and the striped casual jackets for men are in fashion now. Before, only the dull colors like brown and gray were used for jackets. Presently, designers are presenting bright and vibrant colored casual jackets for men every season which testifies that these jackets are in great demand in the markets.

2. The stylish biker jackets are perfect for a rugged look. They help to create a confident style statement that is very masculine and smart. Bomber style casual jackets for men are always in fashion and look cool. The aviators or the military style leather jackets bear celebrity style that youngsters love to have them as an asset in their closets. When teamed up with military boots and combat trousers, these jackets look awesome.

3. The M65 Field Jacket is another amazing jacket for men first intended for the US military. It is meticulously designed with a built-in hood which rolled up so well that it fits into a small pouch that hung at the back of the neck. There were also Velcro fasteners on the cuff. Although they were initially available in an olive green shade, at present, a variety of designs and colors with camouflage patterns are spread out at stores. Large and medium pockets, zip at the neck and collar to protect the hood are the outstanding features of the M65 Field Jacket of today.

Famous Brands of Casual Jackets for Men

Since casual jackets are in great demand among fashion-conscious men today, designers of the famous brands like DKNY, Armani, Reiss and others are constantly working on the style and quality of the jackets and offering quality designs to satisfy the customers. Other well-known brands of ready-to-wear casual jackets for men available in-store and online are:

  • Moods of Norway
  • Woolrich
  • Hi Tec
  • Gramicci
  • Patagonia

Online stores that carry a wide range of casual jackets for men include REI, 6pm, Zappos, Amazon, and Piperlime. Prices vary among these distributors and their quality is usually testified by consumer reviews.