Military Jacket: Essential And Features

Military jacket are the in thing today. Everyone is on the race to have one or two military jackets in their wardrobes. This type of jacket doesn’t only bring out the best in you but also protects you from hash weather conditions, which was precisely what they were designed for.



A military style jacket was designed to protect soldiers from all weather conditions that normal jackets could not do. They were first designed using nylon and cotton materials but it was later discovered that they do not give the expected performance with the use of such materials. Etaproof was later discovered and was deemed suitable due to its comfort, waterproof and thermal insulation qualities.  A military jacket has been designed using the simplest method and designs such as:

  • Two pockets for storage of any things you want to carry
  • Pockets to warm your hands
  • A waistband that is adjustable.

Fashion Military Jacket

In their bid to satisfy all customers, manufacturers have been creating fashionable military jackets. This is not only to have more profits or sales but also to ensure that they keep each of their customers in line with fashion. In the fashion world, a military jacket is created in various styles and designs. There is a military jacket for each and everyone, thus, omitting any form of gender restrictions. This type of jacket is used to portray uniqueness.  Below is the broad classification of military jacket available in markets today.

  • Men’s JacketsFront pockets, snap buttons that are commonly in colors of navy blue, dark green and grey shades are the basic features of military jacket men’s style. These types of jackets have been seen on celebrities like Michael Jackson, Kanye West and also Chris Martin.
  • Women’s JacketMilitary jacket women’s style, on the other hand, are preferred because of their main attribute of durability and beauty. Durability ensures satisfaction in services. They are also fashionable when paired with jeans. No woman wants to be left behind and this is why they are always keeping tab with it.

Among the styles and designs created, the M65 field jacket is the classic and vintage one. When it was first made in 1965, only one design existed. However, with the passing years, it has been redesigned into various types and styles. The most expensive design created was made by Rothco Russett. If you still don’t have a military jacket, now is the ideal time to add it to your wardrobe and be in line with fashion.