Features And Variations Of Field Jacket

A field jacket is specifically designed to have features that enable it to remain functional and protect the wearer from stormy and harsh weather conditions. This jacket is more or less like armors due to the nature of the materials used in making it. The common kinds of fabric used in making a field jacket are:

  • Cotton sateen
  • Parachute fabric
  • Wool

The mentioned fabrics are commonly used since they guarantee maximum warmth, protection and comfort, which are the major requirements of a field jacket.

Features of a Field Jacket

Today, a field jacket is just like any ordinary jackets worn in terms of its functions but not its features. Some of unique features of this jacket include:

  •  Wool lined collar
  • A draw cord waist and hem
  • Adjustable inner cuffs
  • An interior zipped security pocket

Brief History and Variations

Among the first versions of field jacket is the m65 field jacket. This is also called m1965 field jacket. It was named after the year it was designed. It was initially meant for military personnel of the United States and was massively used during the Second World War. It was also used during Vietnam War to protect United States army personnel from the harsh weather and environment.


The military field jacket was the first major revision of the field jacket, bringing about improvements here and there on this original jacket. This jacket was used just before the coming of the m1965 field jacket. Instead of the traditional detachable hood that was in the traditional field jacket, this military jacket had a zip in pocket for its hood that is permanently fixated on it. Another version of the military jacket is the army field jacket. This jacket is designed to deal with the various nasty conditions of both weather and war. This kind of military jacket is worn by army men to war. They are available in a wide array of colors that are meant to camouflage or to disguise them from their warring mates.

With fashion, the leather field jacket is just the epitome of beauty, design and elegance. Unlike those mentioned above, this kind of field jacket is not as complicated and secretive as the other kinds of field jackets. Today, leather jackets are rampantly worn not in wars or battle or to any military expeditions but as a fashion garment. They are a favorite among Hollywood stars, most especially the male stars. Knowing the uses, features and variations of field jackets will help you further in choosing the right one. Aim for comfort, fashion and function when you purchase any of these jackets.