Popular Features And Styles Of The M65 Field Jacket

The M65 field jacket was introduced for military use in 1965. With its rugged build quality, ample storage, versatile materials and variety of color schemes, it has become popular within both the military community and general population. This has lead to a variety of manufacturers and designers releasing their version of the jacket for everyday use based on the standard Propper M65 field jacket used by the military. From the functional to the fashion forward, these military jackets are easy to find on the Internet or at clothing retailers.

Features Of M65 Field Jacket

Standard features of a M65 field jacket include:

  • Light-weight cotton or cotton sateen construction
  • Water resistant treatments
  • Button or zipper liner
  • Heavy-duty zipper with storm flap
  • Four large pockets
  • Pull-out hood on collar
  • Drawstring waist
  • Hook and loop arm cuffs

Part of what makes the M65 field jacket so popular is its versatility. In its basic configuration, the jacket is perfect for a variety of environments. The water-resistant material and built-in hood provide protection from wind, snow and rain. The heavy-duty zipper, storm flap and hook and loop wrist cuffs make the jacket simple and quick to put on or take off. For colder climates, fleece or synthetic liners can be added using buttons or zippers for added versatility.

From the bitter winter cold to the warm tropics, the M65 field jacket is ready to keep you comfortable while providing exceptional functionality. Sizes are available from S to 3X to provide a comfortable fit for any shape or body type. The jacket is available in numerous colors and prints from the classic Olive Green Shade 107 or M65 field jacket black model to the modern ACU Digital Camouflage. For an authentic look, hook and loop epaulets and patches allow affixing of ID panels, rank insignias or group identification patches.

Shopping Tips

When it comes to fitting an M65 field jacket, these tips will help you find the traditional or leather M65 field jacket for you:

  • Style

The traditional cut is a slim line cut that fits well around the torso and sits squarely on the shoulders. Tall models are available for those taller than six feet. Buying the jacket slightly larger around the waist will allow for greater freedom of movement while the drawstring keeps the jacket snug.

  • Materials

Traditionally, the M65 field jacket is made from nine-ounce cotton sateen. However, fashion forward jackets include materials such as leather, polyester or other fabrics. For regular outdoor use, the leather or sateen will provide increased weather resistance. If the jacket is intended for fashionable wear, polyester blends provide a lighter, cooler jacket for year-round wear.

Popular Brands

When it comes to finding an M65 field jacket, the choices in designers is nearly endless. Popular designers include:

Regardless of the brand chosen, you can always count on an M65 field jacket to provide a timeless, masculine look. From the slopes to the city streets, these jackets are sure to draw attention and keep you looking and feeling your best.